iPreFlight Enterprise provides real-time efficiency at the touch of your finger.

iPreFlight Enterprise provides greater efficiency, automation, and data management capabilities for those organizations with larger fleets. The iPreFlight Enterprise version integrates with your in-house systems via APG’s software portal to receive automatically-generated Flight Books for each flight. This software is designed to take advantage of flight-related information already resident in your internal support applications and programs such as flight numbers, aircraft type, city pairs, crew assignments, planned passengers, and fuel loads. Flight Books for each flight can be prepared automatically and transmitted to crewmember iPads. Once received on the iPad, Flight Books can be updated in real-time to reflect any performance, weight and balance, or other operational changes required for the flight.

Key performance features include:

  • Features found in the iPreFlight standard version
  • Seamless integration between APG’s software portal and your organization’s flight support systems
  • Ability to create Flight Books automatically for each flight
  • Flight Book management and administration
  • Background updates for stored data
  • Customizable efficiency features