VistaJet Launches APG’s New iPreFlight Enterprise Performance Solution

May 19, 2015 - VistaJet, the leading global business aviation company, recently launched APG's iPreFlight Enterprise solution, bringing new efficiency and automation to data management.


VistaJet, the leading global business aviation company, recently launched Aircraft Performance Group’s (APG) iPreFlight Enterprise solution and will take advantage of a new level of efficiency and automation by fully integrating the system into their internal IT environment. The new iPreFlight Enterprise version allows VistaJet to utilize existing in-house flight-related data to create Flight Books for the aircraft’s crew.

“VistaJet is focused on continuous improvement and ensuring we go beyond industry standards when it comes to safety and operations. We are early adopters of smart technology; integrating APG’s iPreFlight Enterprise solution into our system will result in an increased level of efficiency and elevated safety aspect to our already stringent data management system and flight dispatch operations,” said Nick Van Der Meer, Chief Operating Officer, VistaJet.

The convenience, safety, and efficiency of the popular iPreFlight app now offers the next step in flight dispatch and data management with integration into customers internal IT environment through the new iPreFlight Enterprise solution.

iPreFlight, used by thousands of pilots and dispatchers around the world, provides the capability to perform runway analysis and weight and balance calculations on an iPad without the need for internet connectivity. With the iPreFlight Enterprise solution, integration with the operator’s in-house systems to receive automatically generated Flight Books for each flight provides even higher value and efficiency in flight preparation and crew briefing.

“We are proud that VistaJet, a global aviation leader, has seen the value of iPreFlight Enterprise and become the launch customer. iPreFlight Enterprise adds great efficiency and flexibility to VistaJet’s operation through its seamless integration with their in-house flight support systems,” said Mike Caflisch, APG Chief Executive Officer.

iPreFlight Enterprise is designed to take advantage of flight-related information that is already resident in the customer’s internal flight support applications and programs, such as flight number, aircraft type, city pair, crew members, and planned passenger and fuel loads. Flight Books for iPreFlight are then automatically prepared and transmitted to the crew member’s iPads. Flight Books, once received on the iPads, can be updated in real-time by the flight crew to reflect any performance, weight and balance, and operational changes required for the flight. After signing the flight release in the Flight Book, the document is then transmitted back to the VistaJet dispatch center for record keeping and archival.

About Aircraft Performance Group

Aircraft Performance Group (APG) is a flight operations engineering firm established in 1999. APG’s primary products are takeoff, landing, and weight and balance data services for the airline and corporate flight operations markets. APG provides services for hundreds of different aircraft types, ranging from small turbo-prop aircraft for the regional airline market, narrow- and wide-body aircraft for airlines, corporate turbo-prop aircraft, and wide-cabin ultra-long-haul business aircraft. APG maintains a current worldwide database of airport information and has experience in digitizing Aircraft Flight Manuals for use within our performance programs, as well as using aircraft manufacturer provided programs. APG has experience providing data services based on numerous regulatory requirements including FAA, EASA, CASA, Transport Canada, and others. For more information about APG and its aircraft performance and weight and balance solutions, go to or call +1 (303) 539-0410.

About VistaJet

VistaJet owns and operates the largest privately owned Bombardier private jet fleet–over 45 aircraft–the majority of which are large-cabin, long-range Global and Challenger jets. Renowned for its consistency around the globe and as the only provider to offer an identical exterior livery and cabin design throughout its fleet, VistaJet’s global strategy of connecting its customers to every corner of the world with point-to-point coverage has made it the clear market leader with unparalleled experience flying in to, and out of, the hardest-to-reach destinations. Since the company’s inception, VistaJet has flown to over 186 countries, landed at 1,320 airports worldwide, and flown over 163,000 passengers on 70,000 flights. News and information are available at