Let our decades of experience and expertise simplify and guide you through all aspects of Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance.

APG is the industry leader in providing Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance solutions. Our applications will help you meet your safety, efficiency, and compliance goals.

With this in mind, we’ve assembled a library of videos and reference materials created by our own experts, regulators, and respected industry groups involved in setting aviation standards. These materials will increase your understanding of our applications and enhance your awareness of the many requirements and regulations that make performance calculations highly complex.

Training Videos

  • FAA TAPP Landing Distance
  • FAA TAPP Wet Runway Takeoff Performance
  • FAA TAPP Declared Distances
  • FAA TAPP Planning for Takeoff Obstacle Clearance in Transport Aircraft
  • APG WB Training Video
  • APG Featured On "Editions with Terry Bradshaw"
  • NBAA 2012 FAA Presentation
  • What is Runway Analysis?
  • Airport Obstacle Analysis

FAA TAPP Landing Distance

This FAA-produced video provides the viewer an in-depth look at the critical factors in the prevention of landing overruns. The video guides the viewer through landing distance certification, aircraft approach categories, full stop distance requirements, pilot pre-departure assessment, and time-of-arrival assessment. The viewer will gain valuable regulatory and operational knowledge that will promote greater awareness of the safety factors required to land a high performance aircraft.

FAA TAPP Wet Runway Takeoff Performance

Exactly how does a wet runway condition affect aircraft takeoff performance? This short FAA-produced video explains accelerate-stop distance, takeoff distance, and takeoff run. The viewer will better understand balanced field length calculations, V1 abort situations, and non-normal takeoff operations above V1.

FAA TAPP Declared Distances

TORA, TODA, ASDA, LDA, Runway Safety Area: interpreting all the derived distances on airfield diagrams can be a challenge, but is critically necessary. This FAA-produced video defines these terms and then illustrates their operational use. The viewer will gain a renewed confidence about safe and legal takeoff and landing requirements.

FAA TAPP Planning for Takeoff Obstacle Clearance in Transport Aircraft

This FAA-produced video focuses on all aspects of safe operations in highly-obstructed areas, most specifically, mountainous terrain. It explores both normal and non-normal (engine out) certifications in the four stages of the takeoff flight path, demonstrated takeoff performance versus net takeoff performance, obstacle clearance analysis, and non-normal ground track corridors. The viewer will gain valuable knowledge of the design factors that keep departures safe during these operations.

APG WB Training Video

This APG training video graphically demonstrates the capabilities of APG's dynamic APG WB application. The presenter walks viewers through Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance computations in a logical flight sequence: preflight planning, pre-takeoff modifications, in-flight and pre-landing computations. The viewer will become intimately familiar with the capabilities and operational use of the APG WB application.

APG Featured On "Editions with Terry Bradshaw"

APG was honored to be featured on "Editions with Terry Bradshaw" — a television program that highlights "the best that America has to offer." This five-minute video introduces you to APG, our vision, our products, and our leaders.

NBAA 2012 FAA Presentation

This FAA-produced video is a 2012 FAA presentation to an industry group on the history and workings of the Transport Airplane Performance Planning Working Group (TAPP WG). The group is a committee of government and industry experts tasked to better define federal requirements and guidance concerning takeoff obstruction analyses and one-engine-inoperative planning. The video includes detailed analyses and descriptive video presentations, as well as a question/answer session. The viewer will learn "how we got to now" in obstacle analysis and engine-out operations.

What is Runway Analysis?

Are you ready for takeoff? APG experts answer this question in this highly informative and operationally derived video. The speakers use laymen's terms to explain and demonstrate all aspects of Runway Analysis: AFM performance criteria, runway and obstacle analysis, FAR requirements, environmental conditions, engine-out performance, and much more.

Airport Obstacle Analysis

This FAA-produced video is part of the FAA's "Info Sharing Program" for their POIs and Field Flight Inspectors. This training video brings the FAA inspectors up to speed on all aspects of airport obstruction operational planning and execution derived from AC 120-91. This video allows the viewer to understand what the FAA inspectors look for and evaluate.